Factors having the greatest influence on small law firm profits in 2014

Small law firm profits in 2014

What factors will have the greatest influence on small law firm profits in 2014? Macquarie Bank who is a major lender to small and medium sized law firms publishes an annual survey of small law firms that reveals some very interesting information that you can use to the benefit of your practice. One of the results of the survey that […]

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How to price legal services to attract high quality referrals? This is part five of a series on the top five concerns lawyers have about getting referrals. To recap, I have just concluded a survey of small law firms where I asked then what their biggest concerns were in regard to getting referrals from people within their professional network. From […]

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CPD Webinar ACT Law Society “Thanks so much for presenting the webinar today. The Law Society very much appreciates you contributing to our COntinuing Professional Development Program” Margaret Ryan – Professional Development Officer, ACT Law Society, ACT July 2017

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