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The three best sources of new clients for law firms

If you are looking to increase your flow of new matters, these areas stand out as providing the three best sources of new clients for law firms. 1) Repeat business from existing clients; 2) Referrals from your existing clients; 3) Referrals from your professional network. These three areas combined contribute around 68% of new matters for higher performing firms in […]

The KPI you need to measure cash flow improvement

The Critical Cash Flow Improvement KPI Poor cash flow will generally arise from one of two issues, or a combination of both. These are: 1) The length of time from matter commencement till payment being too long; OR 2) Low profitability Practice owners will often talk about cash flow being poor, whereas the problem is really that the firm is […]

How a small law firm can increase profit by 53% without more clients

How a small law firm can increase profit in the quickest and easiest way If you own a small law firm that provides a range of services and you want to lift your firm’s profit in the quickest and easiest way, the two areas that can produce dramatic improvement with only minor changes are: – Increasing the scope of services […]

FREE Law Firm Marketing Seminar in Sydney – 19th Janaury 2017

FREE SEMINAR: How to Get More Quality Clients to Your Law Firm Without Needing any Marketing Skills InfoTrack have invited me to present a Law Firm Marketing seminar at the InfoTrack Sydney office on Thursday 19th January 2017. With 2017 just started, it is a great time to review your law firm marketing. This seminar will focus on one of the […]

Ten Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Legal Marketing for FREE

LinkedIn can be a great tool in your legal marketing tool box. While you can of course use LinkedIn for paid marketing, this article identified ten reasons that LinkedIn can help your legal marketing for FREE. Here are 10 good reasons to use LinkedIn for legal marketing: 1) For a start it’s FREE, and it can connect you hundreds of […]

Building a Referral Only Law Firm

If you could convert your firm to a referral only law firm, many of the problems that other firms have, would either go away or be dramatically reduced If you consider the new clients that have been referred to you recently, I suspect that you will see some positive commonalities. These are some of the attributes of these referred clients […]

The New Source of Lucrative Conveyancing Matters for Lawyers

There is a new source of well paid conveyancing matters for lawyers. We have all heard about the explosion in the number of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) in recent years. The numbers are mind boggling. The Australian Taxation Office has released figures for March 2016 showing that there are nearly 600,000 individual funds, holding close to $600 billion in assets. […]

FREE Webinar – The Most Effective Way to Get More Quality Clients Referred to Your Legal Practice

Would you like to get more quality new clients by referral? Here are five distinct benefits that referred clients offer you and your practice: 1) They are already pre-disposed to listening to and acting on your advice, so they are great to deal with 2) They are used to paying reasonable fees, so they are less likely to be price shoppers or […]