Building client relationships to build your legal practice’s value

Building client relationships to build your practice’s value When you consider your legal practice, what gives it it’s value? Is it simply a bunch of furniture and computers with some staff who turn up to work at them? Of course it is that, but is that what gives your practice it’s value? Of course it’s not. The value of your […]

Retirement Planning for Lawyers: Specifically Principals of Small Law Firms Born Before July 1960

Retirement Planning For Lawyers

Retirement Planning for Lawyers If you were born before July 1960, (and therefore turning at least 55 in the next year), no doubt you have given the subject of your retirement at least passing thought. For many principals of small law firms, this has led to the realisation that they firstly haven’t accumulated enough retirement assets and that secondly, their […]

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How to price legal services to attract high quality referrals? This is part five of a series on the top five concerns lawyers have about getting referrals. To recap, I have just concluded a survey of small law firms where I asked then what their biggest concerns were in regard to getting referrals from people within their professional network. From […]

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Referral webinar testimonial- Peter Nevile – Nevile & Co Melbourne Vic “We had the firm’s marketing group watch Colin Ritchie’s Webinar. It was practical and helpful. Perhaps most of all it gave us the push we needed to refocus on our existing referral system.It also helps that it is not a significant cost factor for greater implementation. Like most firms […]

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